Social Recording Company

The Studio:
Jake's private studio is located near Toledo Ohio just over the border in MI.  It's 30 miles south of Ann Arbor MI. The studio is outfitted with world class gear by Manley, Retro Instruments, Bock Audio, Focal, Universal Audio and more.  It features a 27x18 live room, 12x18 control room and a guest apartment with 3 bunks, a kitchenette, bathroom and shower for guests.  It's built out to sound incredible and has a very relaxing and cozy vibe.

The Philosophy:
Music is a communal form of art.  It takes a group of people to create it and hopefully groups of people enjoy the performances and recordings.  It's something people do together that is both creative and enriching.  The Social Recording Company was set up as vehicle for this community and for building incredible recordings and relationships.  Jake works hard to help artists not only make great recordings but also succeed in their careers.  He consults with artists on everything that it takes to run a business based around music and performance.  Having done music professionally as a touring artist as part of 2 time grammy award nominated band Sanctus Real, Jake has a strong grasp on what it takes to build a music based business and how to operate it daily.  When you work with Jake on a recording you also gain a mentor with a deep understanding of what you yourself are walking through.