Every artist has their own very unique journey to walk through.  You always see successful artists living their dreams but you rarely hear the stories of hard work that it took to make those dreams happen.  As an artist/entrepreneur you are faced with an incredbile amount of decisions, options and pressures when trying to run your business.  For some, the questions might be regarding simply how to set up a business and for others these questions may be about how to make money via publishing royalties.

Jake has walked through all of these issues and continues to do so daily.  He also has built relationships with a lot of other professionals in the music industry who focus on booking concerts, day to day management, publishing as well as accounting and vision casting.

If you are considering hiring a consultant or just need to have someone help you analyze where you are so that you can make decisions for future moves please consider contacting Jake.  He can help you put together a strategy that will allow you to cast a vision, set goals and achieve those goals. The music business can be a lonely business if you try to do it all yourself.  Sometimes a extra hand can help you get to the next place you are hoping to go.