"Every artist who creates music views their art as meaningful.  My goal every day when I enter the studio be it to mix, arrange, produce or write is to help create or preserve meaning and help the artist magnify what it is they are trying to say through their songs."

Michigan based Jake Rye has been doing music professionally since the age of 19 when he was performing as part of several different local touring bands.  During that time Jake realized his love of songs and for recording music and began to work hard in developing his songwriting and recording skills. Jake's passion is rooted in his families tradition of music.  His great uncle was a fiddle player who frequented the stage of the Grand Ole Opry and also was a writer and producer for MCA records in 50's. As a child Jake would sit in and watch his fathers band rehearse in the basement of their Detroit home. With a childhood full of music it makes sense that Jake would choose music as a career.

In just under a decade while remaining firmly planted in Michigan Jake has worked with some incredible artists including some well known indie artists, mainstay CCM artists "Newsboys" and with the band he is currently in, 2 time grammy nominated artist "Sanctus Real".  

Jake's passion for people, songs and his abilities for engineering and chasing sounds has helped him develop into an elite and established producer, mixer and recording engineer all while remaining in Michigan.