To say that summer has been busy would be an understatement.  The amount of work coming through the doors has been almost impossible to keep up with and there's plenty more coming.  I recieved some nice news yesterday... Steven Malcolm recieved 3 Dove Award nominations yesterday and one for Hip Hop song of the year for "Party Hills".  You never think the stuff you work on will end up being nominated for a major award and when it happens it's pretty great.  


Blake Whiteley's song New Day featuring Brianna Caprice is climbing the charts and at radio nationwide.  Here is the video which dropped yesterday!



A couple weeks ago Jonny Carroll and crew dropped by the Social to do a live recording of his song "When I'm Alive".  Modern Rebel Films shot the video and I think it turned out pretty rad.  Give it a spin!


Earlier this winter John Russel dropped by the studio to record a single... Last week he won a life changing contest... Here's the video of his live performance...  We couldn't be more proud of this guy.



Hip Hop was rad in 2016.  Here is a video from the Steven Malcolm single I mixed call "Party In The Hills" featuring Hollyn and Andy Mineo


Today Beacon Light dropped the video for his song LIT that I mixed a few months back.  Here it is!



October has started off in a super rad way!  I have a song that I co-wrote and produced with some friends that will be in a major film.  The song will be released by Zach and Emily Howard on their next project and will also be a part of the Capitol Records soundtrack for the film. 

Hip Hop has been really great to in me in 2016.  This month I am mixing a few songs for Word Records new artist Steven Malcolm...Steven is a Grand Rapids MI native that signed a deal with Word/Warnerbrothers earlier this year.  I will also be mixing an EP for my friend and Indianapolis hip hop artist Blake Whitely later this month.


Beacon Lights new album is out.. Here is an interview on Rapzilla with Chris Chicago!  Check it out.



It's always amazing to see the visualization of a mix happen.  Here is the video for the song "Haters" by Beacon Light.  For those of you who don't know Brandon "Beacon Light"... You will...  This guy is going to have a big year in 2017.


Just a couple days ago I was in Calgary, Alberta Canada performing at a new festival called "No Greater Love".  It was rad to say the least... Anytime we get to play with Switchfoot it's always a great time. Below is a picture taken by Seth Huff while we were walking on a trail in the mountains.  

In other news... Jony Carroll just wrapped up a 40 date summer tour that took him everywhere from Texas to Boston and he met up with "Passenger" (The guy from England who hangs out with Ed Sheeran and who sings that HUGE song "Let Her Go").  Jony was invited by Passenger to perform a song during an improptu local performance.  Heres the video.  



Last week I headed down to Nashville to lead a band for Olivia Baker's CD release at The Country downtown.  It was a great show and she packed the house.  Her project was one that I really enjoyed seeing come together.  Congrats on your release Olivia!


Congrats to Calvary Live Worship on the release of the full length live album which is titled "Who You Are, Live".  I am so stoked about this project.
Here is another video from that live session.  The song is called "Made New".



Jonny Carroll's album "Leaving On The Light" releases today.  Here is an article from Local Spins about his project and upcoming 40 date summer tour.

Jonny Carroll Set To Release Intrinsically Delicate Studio Album

Below is the lyric video for his single leaving on the light.



Back in January I produced/mixed a live recording with Calvary Church in Valparaiso IN.  Their team is full of incredible talent and incredible people.  Here is the first video from that live full length album called Calvary Live.  



A couple months ago we shot this live video for Olivia Baker's new single "Small Town".  Check out the studio recorded version of "Smalltown" on itunes or in the music section on my website. I am in the final mix process of her debut EP which will be out early this summer!



Today Sanctus Real's new song "This Is Love" (Produced and mixed by Jake Rye) hit #3 on the Hot Tracks listing on itunes.


Congrats to Sanctus Real for releasing their new EP featuring new lead singer Dustin Lolli.  The EP titled "This Is Love"  was recorded, produced and mixed by Jake Rye at his studio Social Recording.


Sanctus Real released our first song with our new singer Dustin Lolli.  Here is the video.  I was priviledged to produce and mix it a couple months ago. The video was directed and edited by Chris Rohman and shot and lit by Giles Cooper and Jim Rohman.



This month I am working hard on a live full length record for Calvary Church in Valparaiso IN.  Their worship team is incredibly talented.  They basically have session level players in every roll including the guys from the band Sevenglory.  I really enjoy working with these guys and girls and am really looking forward to the outcome of this project.  Hopefully there will be more live audio recordings in my future.  


This is the last news update before the new year!  Lot's has been going on around here... Kurt Felsman released his EP.  Jonny Carroll is on the final lap (Mixing) and I am in the middle of producing the new music for Sanctus Real.  There are a lot of projects lined up for 2016 and I'm looking forward to Christmas and New Years at home.  Here is a video update on what's happening with Sanctus Real.  We shot it here at Social Recording (My studio).



This is a live audio and video from a stripped down version of longer than a lifetime.  I was hired by Capital Records to do the audio recording and mixing.  It turned out great!



A couple months ago I tracked the drums, bass, acoustic guitar, aux percussion, gang vocals and other stuff for this song.  It was bittersweet as it is Matt our lead singers last song with the band but we are all super stoked about how it turned out.  

In other news I am in the middle of tracking/wrapping up 3 records right now.  Lee Roessler, Jonny Carroll and Calvary Chapel in Valparaiso IN are all in the studio through the middle of October.  These will be my last projects of the year.  


This week one of my favorite artists released a new record that we toiled over.  It was my first real hip hop record and it turned out just how we wanted.  Please check out Blake's EP on itunes.  This guy is a rising star and killer guy.  Blake Whiteley - Drought Season

The Dream is out!  It has been out for a few weeks now.  I failed to make a post about it.  I guess I'm busy.  Well... This album was a labor of love for us.  I had the opportunity to co-write 5 songs on this offering with the guys.  I am very proud of what we made.

It has been a long time since I have updated the happenings on this page.  That's because I have been on tour.  So here is a long awaited update.  This past month my friends and clients Sevenglory released their new EP.  We worked super hard on it and we are all very proud of the outcome.  Here is the itunes link..
Sevenglory on Itunes

A lot has been going on and the summer is busier than ever with great music all around me.  August sends me to Valparaiso Indiana to work with my friends Sevenglory finishing up their EP.  In 2 weeks I will also be starting work on another EP for Northpoint Church of Toledo with crazy talented worship leader Kathleen Miller.  Through out the remainder of the summer I will be working with Indianapolis Hip Hop artist Blake Whitely wrapping up his EP.

Brianna Caprice just released her new EP.  Brianna is such a killer pop artist at the young age of 17 has really proven that she is ready for stardom.  With a maturity well beyond her years and the drive of a true entrepreneur she is really taking off.  I had the privilege of producing her EP and co-writing with her on that same EP.  Here is a shot of the cover!

Here is a short documentary about the making of the new Sanctus Real album called "The Dream" . The album release date is 9/16/2014


The Sanctus Real record is almost completely tracked!...

I wrapped up bass tracking a couple weeks ago and our guitarist Chris Rohman finished all guitars last week.  Matt Hammitt has to cut vocals for the last 5 songs on the album and the album is off to mixer Neil Avron!  In the meantime I have been back in the producers seat working with killer artists "Sevenglory" and "Brianna Caprice".  Both of these artists are incredible talents and have been a joy to work with!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

SPRING is in the air.  April has been a crazy month and I expect more from May.  We (Sanctus Real) have been in the studio for the last 4 weeks working on our 7th full length album which is going to be called "The Dream".  Needless to say I am extremely pumped about this project.  It's been a pleasure to put down bass on these songs and see a years worth of work come together.  

On my days off I have been working in the studio with pop artist Brianna Caprice.  Her new EP will be wrapped up sometime in May...  Her project is shaping up to be just great.  She is a talent that is rare.  I'm very excited to see what is in store for this young lady.